Watching movies at the cinema is really fun. We sit comfortably in the cinema seat and immerse ourselves deeply in the events on the screen. But how do the films get to the cinema? How does filmmaking even work? Who are the people behind the stories and what does it take to turn a story into a good movie? Anyway, what is a “good” film anyway? At Kikife, children and young people have the opportunity to find answers to these questions by participating in film productions themselves, judging films as members of the children’s jury or reporting on the festival as reporters. They are supported by experienced filmmakers and educators.

Short film workshop

Being part of a film is the big dream of many children and young people. This dream can come true at the 30th International Children’s Cinema Festival Schwäbisch Gmünd. A short film was shot under professional guidance by the Stuttgart film production company “teamWERK”. Young acting talent and a crew for direction, camera, lighting and sound are being sought for this. The production will be presented at the big gala of the Children’s Cinema Festival on 25 March in the Traumpalast Schwäbisch Gmünd.


Screenwriting workshop

Screenwriting workshop

You need three things to make a good movie: first, a good script; second, a good screenplay; third, a good screenplay. The screenplay is the template for a film. But in the beginning there is an idea. It can be a topic, a newspaper article, a story you heard somewhere, an observation, or a character you find interesting. Once you’ve found the one idea you’d like to make a film out of in the many ideas that it’s best to write down somewhere so you don’t forget them, then you’re off. That is, in a script, everything that is later seen in the film is described in detail. The script contains all these details that together tell a story. But what makes a good story and how do you write a good script? Young film and writing enthusiasts can pursue this question at the Children’s Cinema Festival. The participants of the develop a film idea together under the guidance of the screenwriter and director Alexandre Powelz.

If you are between 10 and 13 years old and maybe already have an idea for a story, then the script workshop is the right place for you.

Registration by e-mail to drehbuchworkshop(at)

Children’s Jury

Cinema is fun, but it can also be a challenge: especially when it’s not just your own taste that’s in demand, but when you have to neutrally evaluate the quality of a film in various categories such as film idea, plot, camera, music and acting performance. At Kikife, children and young people in grades 7 and 8 take up this challenge. They watch all the competition films – together with their colleagues from the expert and film critic jury. After each performance there is the opportunity to exchange ideas, but the decision as to which entry will receive the “Prize of the Kreissparkasse Ostalb” in the end is made by each jury on its own. The children’s jury is supported by the media educator Dr Henriette Hoppe from the University of Education.


Film-loving children from grades 7 and 8 can apply for the children’s jury. What is needed is stamina and the ability to sit and watch the films on all days of the festival. Please write us in the registration form why you would like to be part of the jury and tell us a little bit about your favourite film. Add your name, address, email address (or that of your parents), phone number and a photo.

The closing date for entries is 06.03.2023.

You send the whole thing to the

Cultural Office Schwäbisch Gmünd,
Kikife Jury Team,
Waisenhausgasse 1-3,
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

or by e-mail to kinderjury(at)

Kinderjury 2021
Trickfilmwokshop 2021

Animation workshop

At the Children’s Cinema Festival, primary school pupils from grade 3 upwards have the opportunity to tell their own stories in a workshop and to animate characters they have created themselves. The movements of the figures are performed by hand and stopped again and again to take a picture. Together the children will find out how to make animated films with different figures and materials. You’ll also learn how to best use iPads, cameras and computers to do this.


Registration for the animated film workshop under the direction of Tobias Damm takes place via the course offer of the Hector Children’s Academy Schwäbisch Gmünd. The relevant application form can be downloaded from

ASR Children’s Reporter

As part of a great cinema project at the Adalbert-Stifter-Realschule (ASR) Schwäbisch Gmünd, students of grade 7 accompany the children’s cinema festival every year. As befits real reporters, they will be up close and personal throughout the festival. With the support of their teacher Agnes Rimkus – who also initiated the children’s reporters – the pupils screen and evaluate films, conduct interviews with filmmakers and jury members and report on everything else that happens during the festival. The results will be published in a beautifully designed magazine after the festival.

Kinderreporter 2021
Agnes Rimkus